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​Pastry Plug uses an array of materials to create all handcrafted products!

Please note the usage of sourced materials: plastics, glass, ceramics, precious stones, crystals, metals, fabrics, paints, etc. are greatly considered and tested in production to ensure quality, comfort, and functionality.


The nature of these works means that some pieces are more fragile than others and may require different types of care instructions:

  • Faux food props: Fake cakes may attract dust after long periods of time. To best clean fake cake props, use a moisture-free dust spray. Do NOT use water or harsh chemicals as certain materials are water soluble and may ruin the work!

  • Metal wares: Avoid moisture and harsh chemicals as metals may tarnish without proper care. 

  • For clay and resin pieces: Do not use any harsh chemicals for cleaning. You may use a water damped cotton swab for any necessary gentle spot cleaning. 

*Please keep in mind that all works are completely handcrafted and homemade by one person.

Products will not withstand rough conditions or handling.*

Each piece from the shop is a unique individually crafted work of art, hand-made with love. 

Please expect an original variation from product photos.

Care Instructions

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