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First, I'd want to thank everyone who’s supported me the past two months. I was bombarded with orders thru Depop, and at Hester Fair- thanks to Emma, from Berriez<333

Orders became pretty overwhelming ngl... FINALLY finishing them up tho and only have two left to go! super excited!!!

Besides that craziness, I also got a new job at a private cake studio and it’s a dream come true :'3

decorating+ s i t t i n g in a s t o o l has never felt so amazing. Super burnt out by the end of the day, but as gay as it sounds....my life has meaning again(????).

My Shop will be switching over to a limited release basis. Commission proposals will be priority and will be the only "Made to Order" items available.

I will announce this new policy on Instagram soon and and finally take a short vacation break. I am restocking goods for Hester Fair and then I will release my new collection by October! I'm having my very first showcase next month! So excited :')

Again, thank you so much!! I freaking love u !!!

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