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Tamagotchi Trials

It’s taken me a year + a week to finally get somewhere with these virtual pet accessories. Last year, I became interested in resin and found out abt おゆまる (oyumaru). They make fanstasic reusable molds. I can completely geek out about resin and molds, but I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. Below is a pic of my molded castings. The goal was for clear, transparent color... but only had eyeshadow to use for pigments, and they all had a pearly/glittery finish. Overall... wasn’t too crazy about the outcome but they were turned into magnets.

A couple days ago at midnight, I was struck with a Force and decided I’d make tamagotchi earrings. After 3am, this is what I got:

I used pastels for color, but still in the search for CLEAR colored plastic. The pictures inside are from licensed Bandai packaging I’ve saved from purchasing vintage tamagotchi. The animal crossing characters are gashapon I bought in the 5th grade :’)

AND THEN... I had an idea to use my beloved Tamiya acrylics to mix with UV resin. I had a couple clear colors and decided I’d try it out. Normally, liquid will never mix with resin so I wasn’t too sure what would happen during the curing process but!

Lo and behold......

I am way too excited about these babies. Truthfully, I’ve become so attached to them but I can’t wait for the final finished products :’)

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