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Hi There!

My name is Daisy and I'm 23 year old.

I work at a cake studio full time and I love it.

My obsession with miniatures from mom and my grandma.

I love collecting nick-knacks and nostalgic kitschy/novelty items. I love... collecting... vintage toys...

Cartoons, old school video games, virtual pets, accessories, 90s & Y2K fashion, music, etc are all huge part of my inspiration.

All work is a piece of my childhood, as well as having a passion for baking and decorating. Not to mention, I've always been fascinated by fake food. Through this craft, I've been able to cope with loss and heart ache. For that, I am very thankful to have found a way I can express myself, let out my emotions, and create cute things for you to smile. All pieces are made with love and intention.

I've created this page to log my progress, ideas, products, and things I've learned along the way.

I'm also going to be doing featured favorites on here too! Stay tuned for more <3

If you have any comments or questions, my email and social media dm is always open!

Lastly, THANK YOU for visiting my site! Your curiosity and support sends my heart soaring ;~;

With much love and appreciation,


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